1. Millennium Racing is the name of the club, which is owned by Joseph Tuffin and Joshua Stacey

  2. The date of birth of the racehorse being leased is 26/04/15

  3. The sire and dam of the racehorse are Noroit and Smabelle

  4. Each member will receive a 1% share of the prize money from the leased horse.

  5. The horse is not owned by either Joseph Tuffin or Joshua Stacey or club members and is part of a lease agreement for the 2019/20 National Hunt Season only.

  6. The share pricing strategy is an even split between all members of all the money MRC (Millennium Racing Club) receive, bar those who purchase two memberships. Therefore, a 100 memberships sold would result in 1% prize money per member.

  7. Membership is sold subject to the attached terms and conditions.

  8. All management decisions relating to the training and racing of the horse, shall rest with the owners of the club alone.

  9. The club membership will start on the date of purchase and terminate on November 15th 2020.

  10. Club members will not be asked to provide any additional funds to the owners during the year long period.

  11. Members are entering a 12-month agreement and will have to provide the sum of £36 per month for this period or a one off payment of £360.

  12. Failure to pay the membership if paying monthly allows club owners to charge the full sum of £432 to the member.

  13. REFUND POLICY: Should Une De La Seniere sustain a season or career ending industry during the first six months of twelve month period, members will receive half their membership back. If said incident happens after  the first six months of the contract, there will be no refund.

  14. Millennium Racing cannot guarantee members will receive an owner’s day experience or tickets to a race day, but will assure a fair selection process to all members.

16. All prizes/experiences will be done on a random selection basis with no bias shown to any member.

17. The tipping competition provides sums of £200 to the winning member, £100 to second and £50 to              third place and will be provided at the end of the competition.

18. All personal information provided will not be sold to third parties and will be used to aid the            management of the club only

19. FULFILMENT POLICY: We promise to fulfil the promise of a years membership, with all updates, prize money, tickets won and ability to view the horse in training accessible. No products will be shipped and any information, prizes of money will be sent via e-mail and bank transfer.

Terms & Conditions

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