Here's a list of things we thought you'd like to know, but please do get in touch if you are unsure of anything. We'll be happy to speak to you.

What’s included in my membership?


  • Stables visits to all manner of trainers yards

  • Balloted owners badges for race days

  • 1% share of any prize money due from the horse you have been assigned to

  • A members welcome pack

  • Entry into a weekly ticket giveaway for some of the best race meetings in the UK

  • Inclusion in our legendary Millennium Racing forum on WhatsApp 

What am I buying?

By purchasing a membership, you are joining Millennium Racing Club for one year from the date the horse you choose to be assigned to is put on sale and are entitled to all benefits of membership for that period. During this time, you will be entitled to 1% of prize money won by the horse you have chosen to be assigned to. 

Do I legally own the horse?

Whilst the horse is ultimately owned or leased by the operating company, we have chosen to structure our membership and prize money distribution in a way that members can have the full experience of ownership without ongoing monthly expenses and unexpected costs. Millennium Racing Club own horses outright and lease others from their breeders / owners and are therefore ultimately responsible for re-leasing, selling and retiring horses at the end of membership periods.


How many people are involved in each horse?


We like to keep things as simple as possible, so sell 100 memberships per horse. This entitles you to 1% of the proceeds from any winnings one year from the date the horse you choose to be assigned to is put on sale.

How long is does membership last for?


The “contract” i.e your membership lasts for one year from the point that the horse went “on sale” to one calendar year later. Details for the dates involved are listed on each horses page. If you choose to pay monthly, membership will cease 30 days after no payment is received. 


Can I leave the club at any time?


Because we sell memberships as a one off fee and do not ask for subsequent costs towards training fees, transport, vets bills and the like, you can hand back your share at any time, but there will be no refund due of any payment made to date. 


What does my payment cover?


Your payment covers your membership in the racing club  and your assignent to the horse that you have chosen. There are no hidden or extra costs, and you get many many perks as part of what we believe is an incredibly good value experience. 

Are there any hidden surprises?


No. None. 


What are my payment options?


Our preference, which is reflected in our pricing is for one off payment at the start of each horses membership. This significantly reduces administration. That being said, to make our club accessible and affordable, we do offer a monthly payment plan.

Do I have input into race planning?


100 people are entitled to their opinion and whilst we discuss things in the forum, we always leave the ultimate decision to our trainers who have a wealth of relevant experience. However, these will be guided by Josh, Joe and Ben who will always try and bring a consensus forward from the members. 


Can I visit my horse at the stables?


Absolutely - this is one of the most fun aspects of being involved. We love a stable visit and we try and go as often as we can!


How often will my horse run?


Clearly, this depends on many factors; fitness, suitability to different races, how they take their racing etc etc. We realise that members want to see them targeted at races as often as possible and our trainers are always aware of this.


Can I bring friends and family with me to the races?


We always work with race courses to get as many badges as we can and ballot them fairly between members. Of course, in normal times, race courses are open to the public and bringing friends and family is possible, even if they are not able to have owners badges. 


Can I buy a share in a horse as a gift?

Absolutely, what a good idea!


What information will I receive about my horse and when?

We give regular updates in our WhatsApp forum, and this will usually be a few times a week, as and when we receive the relevant information and media from the yard at which the horse is trained. 


How are decisions made to sell horse / discontinue their lease?


This decision lies with the management of the syndicate but as always, we will be listening closely to our members. 

What happens if a horse is sold?


A horse will only be sold at the end of the agreed period, if owned by Millennium Racing Club. Should the syndicate be offered a sum of money deemed un-refusable by the syndicate managers part way through this period, members will be approached to discuss a refund of their membership fees and a suitable compensatory uplift. This is extremely unlikely.


How is prize money distributed?

Prize money is paid to Millennium Racing Club and will be distributed to members at the end of the calendar month in which the funds are received from Weatherbys.


Do I pay VAT?


No. Payments to Millennium don't have VAT applied. Millennium Racing Club cover any VAT payments on behalf of owners and then reclaim it if applicable.


What happens if not all the shares are sold?

This will not effect your shares, or anything to do with the related experience. 


I live abroad, can I buy a share?

Absolutely. Clearly, it may affect your experience if you are unable to attend stable tours and race days, but we have members from other countries and you are very welcome. 


How long does my ownership contract run?

The contract runs from the date the funds clear and are received by Millennium Racing Club to the date stated in the advertisement of the horse.


Who decides which jockey rides the horses?

The Syndicate management and trainer will decide who rides the horses but we will listen to our members views.